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Welcome to Journeyman Guitar,

I offer personalized guitar lessons, theory, guitar maintenance / light repair, and setup for either acoustic or electric guitars. Students may study any artists, genre, period of time, album, or song(s); and learn how to count, read and write a chord chart, and communicate with others while examining the techniques that have made history. I can take your guitar training to new levels.

Whether you are an excited beginner or committed veteran, Rick’s professional teachings will help you excel on the guitar.
Acoustic or electric, music and modal theory, ear training and more!
Learn with the music of your choice!

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Guitar Classes

All hours and days of the week available by appointment.
All ages are welcome and parents are free to audit lessons at my business' scenic location. I'm also able to make house-calls if that is more agreeable.
- Rick Lilley



Established in 2001

The roots of Journeyman Guitar date back to a recording studio titled Suede Digital.
Now, Rick Lilley has branched off and founded his own Music Studio, "Journeyman Guitar."

After 40+ years of playing, gigging and recording, Rick Lilley certainly qualifies as an expert musician. I’ve never lost my fascination for playing, or rather making a statement on both electric and acoustic guitars. At whatever level of mastery we have, we can connect on an emotional level with our audience.

It’s about knowing how to deliver that experience seamlessly and mean it, making your guitar speak. 

For a complete list of Rick video library go to Youtube-Guitar mentor

Meet the Business Owner: Rick L.

Rick Lilley is a lifelong musician and guitar teacher in Northern California. Detailed and personalized lessons of these and other songs are available via his Youtube Channel "guitarmentor."

Looking for the Best Guitar Lessons in Contra Costa County?

Have you always wanted to learn guitar but just never got started until now? Are you ready to take the first step?

Have you had guitar lessons before but were frustrated with the progress you were making?

Do you want to rock out, learn some of your favourite songs and have fun while learning guitar the easy way?

Perhaps you have tried to learn guitar from the internet but you feel overwhelmed by all the information?

Are you a parent looking for guitar lessons for your child

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes and you live in Lafayette, Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, or Concord, you have come to the right place. I have 43 years learning guitar from numerous fellow band members, books, teachers and online and have faced all of the same problems as you! I found out the hard way that the only good way to learn guitar is under the guidance of a guitar mentor.

I'm Rick, a guitar instructor offering lessons in Lafayette and surrounding cities. I specialise in teaching any level and have helped many students, just like you, realise their guitar playing ambitions. Check out my testimonials

Each student of mine is undergoing a personalised learning program, based around their individual playing goals and aspirations. I’m proud to say that as a result, they stick with their studies and make real progress.

Without a doubt, the most constructive thing you can do as a guitarist or a budding guitarist is to start working with an experienced teacher.

As a guitar teacher, it’s my job to give you the encouragement and inspiration that you need to keep improving, ensuring that you stay motivated by regularly reaching your goals and progressing as a guitar player. I will give weekly feedback and guidance on how to take your playing to the next level.

Guitar teaching is my full time job except for my band gigs. it is in my very best interests to keep my students happy, motivated and progressing with their studies at all times. I am all the way committed to the advancement of my students!

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